Sunday, July 12, 2015

Heat Wave Alchemy

It turns out that being invisible in not my only superpower!! 

Remember how Obelix gained superhuman strength drinking a magical potion? I'm him! But skinny. And my superpowers are not triggered by some elixir, but rather by extreme heat. And it's not strength I gain but so many other supernatural abilities - ok, I'm nothing like Obelix, but you get the gig. 

As thermometers strike +40 ºC (+104 ºF for my American friends),  brace yourselves: the superwoman is released...

Top 5 Superpowers

1. Melting ice with a glimpse of my eyes
I pour water into a glass, throw in a few ice cubes and the second I turn to put the water jar back into the fridge, all the ice in the glass has disappeared!

2. Sleeping statically
The silhouette drawn on my bed sheets by the sweat cascading from every single little pore in my skin is an exact reflection of my own. Clear proof.

3. Evaporating liquid with the touch of my hand
The five steps from the washing machine to the clothes' rack is all it takes me to get a perfectly dry laundry.

4. Pulling off a permanently wet hairstyle
Not sure when it stops being water from the shower and begins being sweat...

5. Drinking my body weight in water
A glass of water has become an extension of my hand.

I'm beyond ecstatic at this point and I feel that I've only just started this journey of self discovery :)