Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jet Lag is the New Hangover

Severely dehydrated. Struggling for words. Head and muscle (every. single. one. of. them.) ache. Lightheaded. Weak... Hangover? No; jet lag

I'm just back from a business trip to the other side of the world. A trip short enough to not fully adjust, but long enough to have left part behind. I think a part of me has been lost in every time zone from here to there and back. Now I'll just need to wait for the pieces to catch up with the cardboard version of myself sitting here.

I don't know what time it is of what day. I don't even care, for that matter. I just want to go under the duvet and hide there until tomorrow. That and my Mam. Maaam!! 

Yeh, you might want the exact same thing (plus greasy junk food) if you were out partying last night. But hangover is the price you have to pay for a night out having fun! There's nothing fun about spending 15 hours between airports (plural), flights (plural) and queues (plural: check-in, security, toilets, boarding, disembarking, etc.) 

Ok, let's be fair. It wasn't that bad. I have to stay positive and look on the bright side:
  • the 3 airports I was in had Wi-Fi, so I didn't even have to work on my life-work balance
  • my bag reached the same destination as I did. Both ways.
  • I did not missed my connection. In fact, I spent more than 3 hours waiting for a 45 min flight home
  • I was able to change my middle seat for an aisle seat
  • with my headphones on, the (constant and extremely loud) screams of the baby were 'differed'
  • my vegetarian food was always served before the rest (it was still tasteless crap, but I still got the "I wish I was you" look from the passengers around me)
  • the flight attendant gave me a second blanket, so I didn't lose any toes to a/c frost
  • no threatening devices/substances were found in my hand luggage after it was embarrassingly completely emptied in front of the whole London Heathrow airport
  • despite absurdly feeling a mixture of anxiety and guilt, I was able to provide the correct answer when the cops (that's how they are called there) in the security check asked my name
Oh, well, at least I'm certain that I didn't text my ex, said anything which can be then held against me or hugged others proclaiming them my best friends ever.

*Note: Any grammatical errors and nonsense in this post can be fully attributed to severe jet lag conditions. Be nice and avoid judging me solely on the content of this post. Highly appreciated. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Every Day Oxymorons

Easy opener. How's that for an oxymoron, huh? And yet every first (and failed) attempt I make to open a milk carton, is without scissors. I'm full of hope, what can I do?

Old news for you: we live in a contradictory world. 

I'm a very private person, but for the purpose of this post, I'll make a living sacrifice and share a few examples with you. My life is full of oxymorons.

My personal life, for instance. In my last relationship, I felt so alone together that the only solution was break up, even if for some time living apart felt like the impossible solution. But he seemed too keen in making me grow smaller, and I didn't want to disappear. Yes, breaking apart was my only choice. I won't go into more detail of this bitter sweet experience, you all know how it goes. 

My leisure life as well. A few weeks ago I went to a concert. It was a one-man band playing soft rock. Nice evening, that was! There was a small crowd and the place made the acoustics amazing. It was in a small cafĂ© in town. One of those places where the paper tablecloth tables hold plastic silverware and paper towels and your drink gets poured into a plastic glass. I'll definitely go back, it was fantastic!

And even my professional life, where I've seen myself making decisions based on exact estimates. The nature of my work favours communication by email, and I have to master this channel to avoid pretty ugly situations derived from being being clearly misunderstood. Very demanding. So much that my last break was a working holiday

Living a contradictory life is seriously funny!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Detox Time

Part of this all 3.0 thing that I'm going through is to undergo a major detox. Nope, I'm not going to start blending fruits and vegetables as meal substitutes to eliminate toxins from my system. I'll be guiltlessly removing toxic people from my life.

They're not strangers to you, we all know them in their different forms: the Pitier, the Frenemy, the Schemer, the Snob, the Manipulative, the Narcissist, the Dream Killer... So many to say goodbye to...

I encourage you to kick them out too! Let no room for those who make you feel small or treat you in a harmful way, bringing you down over and over again. 

See you never!