Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Foreigner in Home City

Three days ago, I moved to Madrid after six years in Dublin. As I navigate through this confusing roller coaster of feeling a foreigner in my home city, I come shockingly aware of what I love from both cities.

What I knew I'd miss
  • family (duh!)
  • weather (double duh! - I'm writing this from a terrace and it's 28ÂșC)
  • the taste (and size) of tomatoes
  • friends (you know who you are)
  • everything being walking distance from everything else
  • Irish politeness
  • Irish accent

What I wouldn't have thought I'd miss
  • visible signs with street names (I know which street I am in!)
  • pedestrians walking with bread on one hand and  the newspaper on the other
  • the smell of coffee and toast every morning on the streets
  • looking right when crossing a street (it's a matter of life or death that I adapt!)
  • Penney's (where will I buy cheap tights?)
  • not getting weird looks when you pay €3 by card
I'll have more to add to the list as I learn to live in this new place which is now my home.