Saturday, June 21, 2014


Does not caring the slightest about the World Cup make me a traitor? I'm incapable of sitting through 90 minutes of football - equally incompetent of sitting through 5. I'm immune to this World Cup fever that has spread across the globe and currently has masses building their days around matches and even messing up with their sleep to make up for the time difference. 

My total indifference has made people question my patriotism, when the truth is that I couldn't love Spain more! I just think that support takes many forms and believe that holding a flag on one hand, a strong drink on the other whilst letting out of your mouth outrageous words, is not the best way of holding your country's back. Instead, I shop locally, I absorb the morning sun, I take public transport, I savour the juicy tomatoes... you get the idea...

It's just that I'm not into football. But not like those who say the same and then find themselves glued to the screen whenever a major match is on. I actually try my very very best to avoid any kind of streaming of this sport. I still remember the awkward conversations when Dublin taxi drivers learned where I came from:
"So do you support Madrid or Barcelona?"
"Hmmm... You see? I'm not very much into football"
"Oh, that Messi guy is good, isn't he?"
"He must damn be! With all that money he is paid.."
"And that Ronaldo guy!" 
I can only imagine the kind of conversations I would be having now on the back of that taxi. Because, what happens when your team is no longer running for the World Cup? Who do you support? Are you still supposed to watch the matches? Do you feel embarrassed by your nationality? Do you stop liking your country?

All the suffering and disappointments I save myself from by completely ignoring anything related to football!

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