Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little White Lies

Even after knowing that Hugo the hamster really never went to that happy hamster farm after he left the comfort (not) of the tiny cage in your room, we never seem to grow out of telling white lies, do we?

Why not, if it spares us from a harder truth? I'm all for damaging facts concealing!
  • Running 5 minutes late - in a world where every minute lasts for 10
  • Chocolate is good for you - because that chocolate bar is magical and will totally give you wings!
  • It's time to wash this shirt... and these pants -  I'm sooo not in the mood of finding a free hanger in the wardrobe
  • I need that new pair of shoes - to come closer to my 100th pair :)
  • I've read and agreed to the terms and conditions - who has the time to go through this page of text anyway?
  • My home is your home - but take your shoes off, sit on that chair and leave everything where it is.
  • I need that new pair of shoes - to come closer to my 100th pair :)
  • Window shopping - and buy all of those things I don't even need

Just tossing ingredients for a happy life!

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