Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sorry, I'm not Sorry

I've been raised up to be polite - all thank yous and after yous. Lately, however, I seem to have taken these good manners to the extreme of self-condemning - all sorrys and excuse mes.

The straw that broke the camel's back? Realising that I apologised when introducing myself! 
Here's how the conversation flows when meeting someone (let's call them 'Mary' for illustration purposes) for the first time :
Mary: "Hi, I'm Mary."
Me: "Hello Mary, nice to meet you. I'm Mireya."
Mary frowns and stares blankly with no intention of hiding her confusion.
Me (slow and loud): "M-i-r-e-y-a."
Mary frowns harder and stares even more blankly clearly revealing her confusion.
Me: "I know, I'm sorry."
I once read that people with names that are difficult to pronounce are less popular; but apologising for a name that I love (thanks Mam & Dad) is simply absurd.

So here's my new resolution: I'm dropping the "Sorry" from my name. If you can't pronounce my name, that's fine, I'll repeat it as often as you need. Don't worry, I'm used to it. Unless, of course, you are the taxi company - to whom I am and always be 'Monica', or Starbucks - who make tall one-shot skinny lattes out for 'Olive' (who cares? if they won't get it always right either way).

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