Sunday, April 20, 2014

Old News = No News

One of the reasons why I read, almost exclusively, fiction is due to the easiness with which I get attached to characters. I cry, I get angry, I take sides and, in many cases, I finish books with a strong urge to know more about the characters' day to day lives beyond the final pages. I can't, I know, so I make peace with the fact that it's fiction, that anything can happen after I close the book. That they not always lived happily ever after.

I like that, I like fiction. I favour it over to real life events. In real life I find myself at a loss, unable follow a story from beginning to end.  Today's news is all that matters; which by default means that no one cares about what happened yesterday.

But what if we do? People of the media, don't you realise that you're playing with our feelings (and not in a good way)? Please, let me know! I do care!
Why and how did Jack The Ripper get away with all the murders?  
How's Schumacher and his family coping?
What's the deal with Woody Allen and his 'peculiar' family situation? Did he really do what he was accused of? 
What is Monica Lewinsky up to these days?
Is there a monster in Loch Ness
Are Michael Jackson's children ok? Will they be ever able to have a 'normal' life? 
Everyone knows about Will Smith and that poor James Avery (Uncle Phil) sadly passed away a few months back. But what about 'Geoffrey' the Butler? How is my favourite person in the the Fresh Price of Bel Air getting on? 
What's behind the Bermuda Triangle?  
Was the prostitute Hugh Grant was caught with ever able to build a better life?
What happened between Britney Spears deciding to shave her head not so long ago to her being back on stage again? Who's minding those poor kids of hers?
Did Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 really land on the moon in July 1969?

Please people, I need closure?

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