Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things I Think

There are things I think when I shouldn't think them. 

After closing the front door:
do I have the keys - without which I am locked out, since there is no one else who has a copy - except for the landlord, whom I prefer not to disturb with my 

At a minimum travelling distance from home of 45 mins by car:
did I unplug the iron that could cause my whole place to burn down?
did I blow out all the aromatic candles that give my home such an amazing fragrance and  at the same time can turn it to ashes in a matter of seconds?
did I close the window through which anyone can freely enter the house?

All tucked in and with the lights out:
did I send that extremely important email that had to go out today with no exception and that I have spent hours drafting?
after paying for that last thing, did I put my credit card back in my wallet? 
I have all of these things I need to do tomorrow [list starts here - sleep stops here] 
Let's go through every stupid decision I have made in life. 

And of course, my personal favourite and the one I keep experiencing:

At least 15 minutes after the actual event:
the most perfect thing to say that would have saved you from looking like an idiot comes up to your blank mind!


  1. You forgot: "Did I remember to push the button on the keys to lock the car?" I usually think of that right after I've left the parking lot :)